Probably, if you are reading this post, you know what is Scratch. Simply, Scratch is an educational platform to teach and learn how to program. It is very simple and powerful because it is based on the concept of blocks (programming statements) that must be assembled together.

Scratch is open source so today I tried to download the source code to get insight and understand how it has been written. The installation is not totally straightforward and requires different thing to install, copy and configure. With this post I try to describe how to configure everything to build your own Scratch version. The post is strict related to Windows.


1) Create a folder in "C:\ant\apache-ant-XXX";
2) Extract the ant installer zip file within the previous created folder;
3) Add the Environment variable ANT_HOME=C:\ant\apache-ant-XXX;
4) Be sure that the Environment variable JAVA_HOME points to a java jdk folder;
5) To check the ant installation type "ant" in a command window (cmd)... if you are luck :D and everything is correctly installed you will see something like "Buildfile: build.xml does not exists! Build failed"
6) ant is correctly installed.


1) Copy the file flexTasks.jar from the Flex SDK folder FLEXSDK/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar in the folder ANTINSTALLATION/lib/flexTasks.jar;
2) Edit the within the scratch source folder adding the path to FLEX HOME; Pay attention to use the slash symbol instead to use backslash in the flex path;
3) Download the flashplayer from

you need to download two versions: playerglobal10_2.swc and playerglobal11_4.swc
4) Go to FLEXINSTALLATION\frameworks\libs\player and create two folders "10.2" and "11.4"
5) copy the flash player files within their folders changing their name removing the version number.
6) (Final step) Open the Window Command (CMD) and move to the Scratch source code main folder. Run the command build.

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